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YoYo Games Launch Tech Blog

YoYo Games have launched their promisedTech Blog” [rss] which will give GameMaker users an insight into the workings and development of the software.

The first post, written by Mike Dailly, focuses on the upcoming HTML5 version of GameMaker which recently had a private alpha release.

Mike writes that YoYo Games “hope to release some [HTML5] demos to the general public soon to show you what you can do with it, and some of this has surprised us – in a good way!”.

YoYo Games will also be showcasing some HTML5 GameMaker games at Game Developers Conference Europe in Cologne in a couple of weeks time.

Writing on Twitter GameMaker creator Mark Overmars posted that “soon everybody” will be able to try the software.

What do you think?

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  1. I’ll ignore the horrendous grammar mistake in that post. I did have to check it wasn’t by one of their newly employeders. The blogging system looks a bit gross in that the username is MIke. Bodge static content, eh?

    Rex: Yes. Did you know that HTML5 animations are much faster on an iPhone 3GS than the 4? That is because it has a retina display => more pixels to push.

    So whilst the software may get better, higher resolution displays will just reverse any advances.

    Well, that is, unless you write your HTML5 runner properly.

    • That’s good to know for those who can install iOS 5. I think my iPod is too old to run it though. In any case, do you have a rough estimate of how much the speed of your HTML5 games will increase?

  2. Nice post by Mike. I think he might be over-selling the mobile device capabilities of their HTML5 engine though, if the animation on the YoYo homepage is any guide. It does technically show up on my iPod touch’s browser, but the animation only plays one frame about every 5 seconds. Granted, I don’t have the newest model of iPod, but its still pretty disappointing.

GameMaker HTML5 in “closed Alpha build”

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