Legend of Iya Raises $75,000 On Kickstarter

on August 14, 2013 - 24808 Views

Legend of Iya (pronounced Ee-yah) has raised over $75,000 on the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Made entirely in GameMaker 8.1, the project has been in development for a decade according to Andrew Bado, the sole developer. Legend of Iya is a 2D story-driven platformer game centered around a young protagonist who unknowingly finds herself lost in a fantasy world. The game is set for release on Windows (with Mac, Ouya, and Linux ports planned) around the end of 2014.


Kickstarter has proven to be a valuable fund-raising platform for GameMaker developers. Legend of Iya joins the growing ranks of GameMaker projects that have been successfully funded on Kickstarter.

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9 Responses to Legend of Iya Raises $75,000 On Kickstarter

  1. Chris Sanyk says:

    The dropoff for “3rd place” in kickstarter success is a loo loo. There needs to be moar successes than that.

  2. mancvandal says:

    Superb art work. I bet his arse is twitching now though. $75,000 is a lot of money and lot of expectation. Hope it all goes well for him.

  3. xot says:

    Dig that crazy Roger Dean title screen, man. Is Psygnosis publishing this?

  4. Pablo says:

    That logo looks like the one from Asia music group. Well, it’s identical.

  5. safasfsf says:

    You forgot Undertale, which raised over $50k. It also happens to be leaps and bounds better than everything else on your list. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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