Poll – Is GameMaker Still Beginner Friendly?

The jump from GameMaker 8 to GameMaker Studio brought with it a design overhaul and hundreds of new additions. Recently we’ve seen features like command line debugging, data structure accessors, and shaders (with multiple code editors)¬†added to the popular game development engine. You might even find yourself configuring external programs like Visual Studio and Xcode if you plan to make full use of GameMaker Studio. Older versions of GameMaker are so accessible that they’re being Read more…

2013 Game of the Year Showcase

YoYo Games, the developers of GameMaker Studio, are hosting the ‘2013 Showcase Awards’, a new annual event designed to highlight the best games entered into the Showcase during 2013. You can vote for your favorite entries on the YoYo Games Facebook page. Before voting, you have to ‘like’ the page. A list of all the games, and a video showing gameplay from each, can be found below.

Poll – Which Platforms Are You Interested In Making Games For?

It has been over a year since GameMaker Studio was launched, and the powerful game development engine now exports to a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, HTML5, iOS, Android, Ubuntu, Windows Phone 8, and recently Tizen. We’re curious to know which of these platforms GameMaker users value the most. Vote for the platforms which interest you in our poll below, and leave a comment explaining your vote if you’d like.