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Tutorial: Using pdf995 to create a .pdf file

Pdf995 offers everything you need to create professional looking PDF files for free.

The software which officially retails at $9.95 also offers a free version which displays an advert every time you use the software. Your final PDF however, does not contain any adverts or plugs for the software.

Downloading and installing the software is easy, and is compatible with all versions of Windows from Vista right back to 1995.

You can download the software for free directly from the pdf995 website.

After you have followed the instructions to install pdf995 you now have an additional ‘virtual’ printer linked to your computer.

To create a PDF file using pdf995 first create your document using your normal software, e.g. Microsoft Word. Then go to Print your document but from the drop down Printer Name menu select ‘PDF995‘, then click ‘Print’ or ‘OK‘. A box will then pop up asking you where you want to save your exported PDF document and what you want to call it.

The pdf995 software will now get to work, converting your Word file into a PDF file which can easily be distributed over the Internet or on a CD. Wait until the advert has finished and your PDF document has been created!

This is the type of advert you will see when creating a PDF file using the free version of the software. The progress bar normally takes just a few seconds to complete.


Below, a PDF file created using PDF995.


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  1. I have some problems with hyperlinks after doing the above. 1.Hyperlinks in the word doc that have displayed text that is not a webpage address are not recognized as a link in the pdf. 2.When webpage addresses happen to wrap to a second line, the second line portion is not used to address the webpage. 3.If the web browser is minimized when the link is clicked in the pdf file, the browser is not restored.

    Any answers to the above problems would be appreciated.

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