Widespread piracy of GameMaker

The DRM integrated into the latest version of GameMaker has caused problems for a few legitimate users who have tried to install the software on more than one computer, but undoubtedly the people most effected by the new registration system are the “I’ll stick with GM6ers”. Those that post on the GMC looking for downloads of version 6 claiming they have “their reasons” for not wanting to use the latest improved version of the software. You can use your own judgement to decide whether these people really have a need to locate an old version of the software and are too lazy to Google it, or if they are just plain and simply thieves.

In the past month Google searches have resulted in a total of 351 visits to GameMakerBlog, via 244 different keywords. No prizes for guessing what the top referring search term was. As was the case at the start of the month the top search term was “game maker 7 activation code”, worryingly the amount of traffic GameMakerBlog has received from this term is steadily increasing – so an educated guess would be that more and more people are now searching for a way around the registration system. These people seem pretty determined to get a crack too since GameMakerBlog is not currently in the top 50 results, yet 21 people in the past month have got through to the GameMakerBlog result.

Two other GameMaker 7 crack search terms appear in the top five refering terms “game maker 7 activation” and “activation code game maker 7”. Indeed 52 out of the 244 different search terms used in Google that resulted in someone visiting GameMakerBlog are crack/activation code/warez related. Heaven knows my traffic for these terms will probably increase now such a keyword rich post this will have been.

A message to anyone trying to crack yoyogames gamemaker 7: Don’t. It’s $20 for heavens sake. You can afford the Internet – You can afford GameMaker. If you are going to spend time making games you could easily spend that time working.

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  1. Forgive the belated comment.

    There is no moral bias in the following statement: If you publish anything that exists as information on the Internet, and you believe you can control its distribution, you have your head in the sand.

    Pirates don’t want free stuff as much as they want freedom. If you regulate piracy, you end up telling people how to use their computers through DRM. Since DRM tells people how to use their computers as a device of information exchange, forcing people to pay for information on a medium like the internet contains elements of censorship and intrusion of privacy. Also, it allows producers to form monopolies on each of their products.

    Complain about piracy all you want, but if you want a society built on free communication, it will be there. The best solution is not to “stop” piracy, it is to find other ways to make money. It is silly to treat information like a tangible thing you can “steal”, since it can not realistically exist as discrete products if it can be infinitely duplicated.

    Look into the Free Culture Movement and the work of Matt Mason for some neat information on economic reform considering piracy.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been using a pirated activation key since 5.0, but I decided after getting a debit card that they deserve my money, so I paid for the full version of 7.0. Now, after getting a new computer, I can’t get a hold of my activation key that I paid for, and the Softwrap people are replying rather slowly… so now I’m searching for a crack… even though I own the software already…

  3. I paid for Game Maker last year, and I needed to re-install it later. The activation system is broken :(. Please look into this. I get the feeling many of the people searching are legitimate customers.

  4. I was trying to buy Game maker 7, but I had alot of troubles. I’ve sent a message to helpdesk saying that I have problems and I could use some help, but guess what? like 3 months ago and not a fucking one person EVEN replied to me. Thats how you treat your customers.. Go screw yourself YoYo and softwrap.

  5. i was looking for a crack becouse i am a paid customer and i cant get the upgrade i was told i would get in fact i have been trying for about 6 mo. and can not get responces to my trouble tickets from yoyo and now i have tried softwhatever and still get no responce if that is the way you treet paying customers then there is no reason to pay for it all i want is the program i paid for not to take something that is not mine!!!!!1

  6. It’s a bit silly to search for a crack. I mean Mark is giving away something much more valuable than 20$, for, well, $20!

    I was at first going to search for a crack, but I now notice that You have peace of mind!

  7. well, i have to say im sorry. I was just looking for a registration crack and got caught on this site. that said and done here is WHY. I have a legit copy of 7 pro however i was looking for a way to install it on my laptop so i could work on a LAN multiplayer game and not have to keep going back to the desktop to do all the programing. I am trying to leave the server program (desctop) running and work on the client program (laptop) to perfect it. oh, somthing that is really cool and i use allot: in the debuger the execute code thing. I am experimenting with the event editer.

    object_event_add(100002,ev_draw,ev_step,”if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space) {game_save(C:\tmp\test) draw_circle(200,200,100,0)}”)

    this allows me to edit my objects without running, debugging, closing, fixing running, waiting while it loads, its debuging, wording the script correctly, executing, repeat. (saves on frustration)

    I guess i can do without it but i was just hoping I didnt have to pay another $20 to get it on my laptop.

  8. It’s not really a huge deal. You have your legit users, you have your non-legit users, and then you have your retards. Either way, GM7 isn’t really that great when compared to many other alternatives that cost only a little more.

  9. For such a great program at a low cost I don’t understand how somone can justify the time in looking for a crack and taking a chance of getting a virus. I paid my $20 last year and have been very happy with the program.

  10. Completely agree with Leif902. Speaking as someone who’s a user of C++ and Delphi, I was very supprised with Game Maker 7, its level of depth in its script language certainly makes those projects which I always meant to get round to more achievable in a lifetime…. I was more than happy to pay £10 for the registered copy as its features are excellent value for money.

    With small software companies piracy is a killer, if anyone is thinking about “cheating the system”, think again or else we will be using nothing but big name products in the future and the days of value for money reliable software will be a thing of the past.

  11. Sigh, no matter what you do someone will find a way to pirate your software… People will pay good money for highspeed internet connections (Though I know several people who steal that as well) but then won’t pay 20$ for a piece of stoftware that could potentially cost much more. Mark practically gives GM away (well, he does really) and still people pirate it.

    Drives me nuts. (Just for the record: I’ve owned a real and fully paid for copy of GM since version 5.0 when registration benifits were first introduced.)

    – Leif

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