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Support YoYo Games!

In the latest post on YoYo Games’ Glog, Sandy asks Game Maker users to support the company by introducing their “friends and family” to it. Essentially, he wants more people to click the ads on the site so they can make more money. With Instant Play now up and running, people don’t need to worry about downloading or installing games, so anyone can play at any time.

Also in this post, Sandy reveals that GM for the Mac and the new C++ runner should be finished by the end of this year! Hurray! They also may even make GM compatible with some of your favourite consoles, so you can make games for the Wii and DS. Sadly, Sandy seems currently unsure as to whether this will go ahead.

Finally, the maintenance agreements has been signed with the site’s web designers, so you can expect the site to improve in the future, including the Instant Play features, which Sandy says will have some “new technology” introduced.

So support YYG! Tell your friends and family now and get them to join in developing and playing games through YoYo Games and Game Maker.

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  1. “Essentially, he wants more people to get GM so that they can make more money – something they appear to be vastly in need of.”

    Wrong. They want people to visit the site and click the ads to get more money. Not everyone can create a game, but anyone can play one.

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