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Why is it that ever since GM got on the YoYo train, the GMC started getting a sudden flood of an average of 5 (this is a Probably Not CorrectTM
statistic) complaint and/or problem topics a day? It’s just whining of Softwrap, issues with their (ugh) Rails powered website or just general complaining?

Come to think of it, what good has YoYo done? Surely they’ve funded the project and all, but for the general community, all they’ve done is set up some horrible attempt at a “game making portal” ( for the clueless) and caused a lot of problems for people with Softwrap. Not to mention killing GM Showcase.

Heated comments argument, go.

In other news, somebody updated WordPress, and I expect a lot of tagging goodness sometime soon! Yay!

What do you think?

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  1. I agree that they’re off to a rough start (Softwrap just isn’t worth it, you waste more money on tech support than you lost from piracy before), but I think having GM managed by a team rather than an individual will have great benefits in the future, already we see GM being ported to Mac and the runner being re-written in C++. I think good will come of it all in the near future.
    – Leif

  2. 64 can’t beat YYG if they stayed as they are.. its not about finding the right audience only, but shifting their focus a bit.. from a ‘portal’ like, to something else. Blogs are member pages aren’t enough.

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