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It appears GMC member, Camman, has launched a web site entitled Game Maker Central . It is similar to the popular Will Host For Food.  Personally, I found the site much more graphically appealing than Will Host For Food, and even better is that thus far there are no ads (hope it stays that way).  There seems to be a lot of upload sites emerging lately.  Most of them are just a cheap rip off, not Game Maker Central.  Looks like Will Host For Food may be getting a run for their money. I just hope Game Maker Central Can be used by many, and I want it to stay around for a very long time.  This is my new personal preference for a Game Maker upload site and will be using it a lot.  The only complaint I have is a minor one, to buy a real .com domain not

What do you think?

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  1. Why does there have to be so many Game Maker sites? Most of them fail within 6 months. To me, this site looks like but Snow Moon looks better. The way the user profile page is set out looks almost the same. If people want to upload their projects they should use more popular sites because there are more users and projects will be seen faster.

    But hey, this site could be the 1/100 that actually becomes successful.

  2. It’s still not everything I’d want in an upload sites though, I should write a blog post about what would be the “perfect” upload site. Yeah, I’ll do that 🙂


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