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GameTap is running a week-long series devoted to the indie game scene. This is the exact reason why two Game Maker users were interviewed on the website. This was brought to our attention by GMC moderator ‘xot’ in a topic called; Th15 And Cactus Interviewed By Gametap.

Sean Chan creator of Battleships Forever:

“My message is that anyone can create games if they want to. I’m not even a programmer by profession. I taught myself Game Maker and plonked this game together in my free time.”

Read the full interview here.

Jonatan Soderstrom creator of Clean Asia:

“There was a shoot-em-up themed competition that I decided to enter. I wanted to prove that I could win the $200 prize money so I set out to create something out of the ordinary. And it seems like I succeeded way beyond my initial goals.”

Read the full interview here.

Congrats on this great achievement. It just goes to show that Game Maker can be more powerful than you think.

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