April Magazines

So far this month we are yet to see any new issues of the major Game Maker magazines.

MarkUp has been notably absent as it normally releases to a pretty strict schedule at the start of the month. Whilst GameMaker Tech have been delayed following several days downtime at their forum. Still they plan to use Drupal as the CMS for their main site which I’m sure will please MarkUp’s Robin.

It has been quite a slow period for Game Maker news recently, without any magazine releases and no recent updates from YoYo Games.  YoYo’s ancient civilization competition now has less than 10 days remaining.

What do you think?

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  1. 2, sweet yeah, this is 2 sweet, just wow 2 good 2 be true my ideas about 5d and what i thought it was are not all madness except they may or not be beaming images out of screens but still hey i like it, even just as long as 5d or what ever that is has holographic gaming support.

  2. @Robin – Sounds like a good job. Fell free to mention to your bosses that you referred me to the software (not that they care about GMTech magazine, but you never know).

    I have a contest idea lined up, however I am going to need to get sponsors. So I am keeping all low for a moment while I draft together all my ideas.

  3. Yeah, Not much has been happening lately has there, Well we are hopefully post GMM issue 3 by the 23rd of April or the 22nd, I know cutting it close hey. 🙂

    @Robin Monks: that must actually be a pretty cool job.

    I hope that there is another GM games comp soon, because you can get lots of content out of it, or i may even enter.
    But i was thinking for issue 5 or something, when user except GMM as a long term GM mag, we may hold a GM game comp.
    Maybe, well have to see what the future holds.


  4. Yeah, I would usually enter the YYG competition but I thought the topic was poor – a little too much restriction in it. S’why I’m not entering this one, and I know at least ten other people not entering for the same reason.

  5. This blog has definitely improved recently. Regular, but not pointless, posts about almost all GM news. It seems to be a lot less opinionated than before as well, which I like. The YYG competition seems to be a lot less anticipated this time. It’s topic is almost dead.

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