GameMakerBlog + 1 year

It has been about a year since the first post was made on GameMaker Blog on the 19th April 2007. Beats the length of any of my other failed blogging attempts by miles.

It has been quite an eventful year, although with a community consisting mainly of teenagers and the controversial emergence of YoYo Games on to the scene it would have been hard not to have been. Over the year GameMaker blog changed from my original intention of providing tutorials and reviews of GameMaker projects, a.k.a ‘Quality Material’ into a source of news relating to YoYo Games, the GameMaker platform and more importantly its community of users.

At times we have been referred to as a ‘Rant Blog’ and on rare occasions we have been praised for our high quality articles [1, 2]. We’ve had a threat, content featured in MarkUp and GameMakerTech, apperances by some of the people who own or work for YoYo Games [1, 2] and a large proportion of visitors who are purely looking for GameMaker cracks or keygens or reg codes (damn! few hundred more now) [1, 2, 3, 4, 5].

Since the launch we’ve had over 250 posts and more than 1,500 comments. I would like to thank all of you who come back here regularly and especially those who contribute to our discussions and give us their opinions by commenting on and rating our posts. And of course a big thank you is due to tuntis for his 20 or so posts.

Let’s hope with our recently announced new bloggers that we can make this coming year even better!

What do you think?

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