GMA 2 Million

The free Game Maker Affiliation Service banner exchange has now delivered over 2,000,000 button impressions.

I will take this opportunity to release some data collected via the system. The country, browser and OS share of all pageviews delivered by GMA can been seen in GMA 2M stats.xls

This is one of the largest collections of publicly released data from a Game Maker site, and whilst not everyone who saw ads served through the GMA is a Game Maker user, this is a good approximation of who uses Game Maker and/or who plays games made in Game Maker.

What do you think?

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  1. sweet, n swell. i like it, we are finally gaining our hopes up instead of loosing hope which i highly feared, eek that’d be scary knowing that people don’t think we have some chance against Microsoft which i find very microscopic of them like their name suggests micro so it’s microscopic as in very small software.
    where as YoYoGames suggests it’s like a YoYo it keeps springing back up and going around and doing all sorts of loops and tricks to remove competition.

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