iWanna Contest

Flash game website iWanna Play is holding its first game making contest for budding indie game developers. The theme of the competition is “opposites” but other than that you are free to do as you wish, providing the game has been made specifically for entering into the contest.

Prizes total just $23 and the deadline is July 23.

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  • Sorry about the small prize. It was what I had left of the Adsense cash, and I decided I should give it away. I am going very easy on judging, as well, because of the low prize.

    You also need to keep in mind that I am just asking for quick minigames. An entry could probably be made in two days, if your graphics artist works quickly.

    I have around 5 people who are currently working on games, if I am correct. So, the competition wont be hard. 🙂

  • I don’t want to nor am I going to. But are you kidding ten dollars thats nothing at all. At least the GMT and MU contest offered prizes worth more than that.

  • Umm…yeah. However, it’s alot easier to win when there are fewer than 30 entrants.

    Yoyogames has lots of money lying around. One person with a small website trying to make money off of ads doesn’t.

    You don’t have to enter if you don’t want to.

  • WOW! A whopping ten dollars? I can really win that much!!?!?!?!?! That sure beats the YoYo Competition where I can win $250 for third place.

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