GMPedia and Game Maker Knowledge Base to merge

GameMaker Blog can exclusively reveal that the content of the long established MadLadDesigns Game Maker Knowledge Base will soon be integrated into GMKing’s GMPedia wiki resource.

The Knowledge Base, which has not been actively maintained for a while, has had over 25,000 visitors and hosts a wide range of informative articles and examples to explain GameMaker functions.

The process of importing articles to the wiki format has just started, but eventually the GMKB will redirect to GMPedia which currently hosts over 400 articles.

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  1. I stumbled upon both of these sites sometime in history. At the time I noticed how valuable both sites could be, but I had never needed to return to them. But now that I have been reminded of them, and that the information is combined, I should be using the site a little more often. That is almost guaranteed by me adding their search engine to firefox’s list.

  2. Yep 🙂

    We’re constantly looking forward to ways to expand our wiki service; GMpedia, and turn it into a valuable resource for GM developers. We try to unite the divided efforts of the GMC into one big central service that can provide all the help needed by such GM developers.

    Importing of articles has begin, and once it is over, the GMKB site will point to GMpedia.

    Shortly before the importing process began, we reached our 400 article milestone with “Scalable Vector Graphics” as our 400th article. So we’re continuing to grow by contributions of members as well, so dont think its merging that is making us grow.

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