2008 Review: Competitions

2008 has probably been the best year for Game Maker competitions yet. This is mainly down to the three high-profile contests launched by YoYo Games this year, and the results of last year’s winter-themed competition being announced which has seen over $5,000 given out to game creators.

The themes of the competitions launched this year have been Ancient Civilizations,  Co-Operation and Save The Planet, the latter of which is still open for entries. Each YoYo Games contest has succeeded in attracting more entries than the previous.

YoYo Games aside there have also been several competitions with worthy prizes as well as the usual smattering of smaller contests.

TIA Productions held a Limited Graphics Game Contest with a $100 first prize, Zerosoft handed out $150 in their Christmas Competition. GMTutorials also held several tutorial-writing contests with prizes including $75 cash, hosting and domain names.

July also saw the return of GMC Cagematches, in which two top games are pitted against each other with the winner being decided by a public vote.

Some of the competition winning games this year:

Alien Ants' Adventure

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