Zerosoft’s $100 Christmas Competition

A total of $100 is up for grabs in Zerosoft’s Christmas Game Maker competition.

Writing on the Zerosoft Games forum Jess Horton said “we want your games to be simple, fun, and have a Christmas theme. The genre or style you choose doesn’t matter and graphics will not win the competition so this will be an easy task. I just want a neat little Christmas game that is fun to play”.

The deadline for entries is December 20th after which the winners will be chosen by a judging panel made up of 3 Zerosoft Games members.

What do you think?

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  1. Agreed, HomebrewPC.

    Isn’t it funny how YoYo hides what they mean like, “graphics, genre, polish” with the ‘smarter’ term, “aesthetics.”
    It’s such a broad spectrum of qualities that their judging has to biased a pretty large amount.

    Of course, I might happen to delete this comment if I ever win any of them. XD

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