GMLive’s Third Game Maker Radio Show (Listen again)

Game Maker Live Radio and PodcastWhat is it with those expected on GMLive not turning up?  Dan Eggers (as usual) was absent yet for some reason the hosts were still expecting him to turn up along with last weeks co-host Robin Monks.

It was understandable therefore that the show didn’t start off particularly strongly with many topics briefly skipped over in the first half hour of the show before a break was taken for music.   Afterwards the show continued on a stronger note when a representative from the Game Maker Community Game (monocledsardine) came on to speak about the progress of their project so far.  Although I haven’t been following the GMCG I still found this by far the most interesting feature today as he took questions from callers and those left in the chat.

Brian Fetcher made a few short appearances throughout the show but as usual the main presenters were Joshua Pedroza and producer Jonathan Martin.

Despite the rather poor presentation of content towards the beginning of the show the stream was much smoother than a fortnight ago when there were several inexplicable pauses without speech or music.  The end of the show, as always, was full of pauses as people ran out of things to say and for a while no one took charge of closing the show.

The on page listener counter logged a maximum of 15 listeners throughout the duration of the one and a half hour broadcast.

You can listen again to a re-run of the show (minus all music but the starting theme) below:

Listen again: [audio:]
Right click to download MP3 (76.9 MB)

Moment of the show: monocledsardine overhearing a conversation about calling him “Salmon”.

What do you think?

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  1. Umm… I don’t want to sound like a jerk or anything, but it’s kind of awkward to hear the hosts go silent or just say “uuuhh” for such a long time. And I also think that they speak with a low voice. I have to turn on the volume all the way up… I must confess that I couldn’t listen to it till the end…
    I think GMLive has potential, but the way it’s working right now just isn’t very good.

  2. “@NPT, Although we could change the time so you can listen, that’d also cut other out because its too late.”

    Who are you afraid of cutting off? Nepal?

    You really should actually take a look at a time zone map before reacting.

    Currently, 11:00 o’clock AM is 4:00 & 5:O0 for almost all of Europe, you certainly could push it back a couple of hours to accommodate the West coast North America, while not shutting out Europe.

    For example 1:00 AM EST, is 10:00 AM for Western N. America and 6:00PM for London.

    Who exactly are you concerned about shutting out?

  3. Thanks for posting the mp3 again phil! I’m always surprised at how long it takes them to upload a copy to their archive.

    @NakedPaulToast I agree. I actually set my alarm clock to tune in to the first episode, however it was NOT worth it, so now I simply listen to the archive.

  4. @NPT, Although we could change the time so you can listen, that’d also cut other out because its too late.

    @Brad, I would already have my mp3 up, but i had to go out straight after the show.

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