2009 Game Maker Blog Community Awards

You wont actually get a trophy this big, or indeed of any size.Yes, it’s that time of the year again.  We have just entered December and already we are looking back at the past 11 months with our second annual Community Awards.

To quote from the 2008 nominations post:

“In an attempt to focus more on the wider-community surrounding Game Maker than just the GMC, forum members and games GameMaker Blog will be holding its own awards for the year. We might even be able to come up with some tacky graphics for the winners to place in their GMC signatures!

The purpose of this competition is to showcase the best Game Maker resources that are helpful and useful to users of Game Maker. There is more to using Game Maker than just playing games!”

Thankfully we never came up with any substandard signature images for last year’s winners and I hope to see some of them nominated again in our five categories.

Unless otherwise specified all categories can be entered by any website or service (including media) of which the main focus is Game Maker.

The categories are:

  • Best source of Game Maker tutorials and/or examples.
  • Best periodical publication.
  • Best reviews of Game Maker games.
  • Best non-English Game Maker website.
  • Most exciting launch of the year (calendar year 2009).

Nominations will take place up-to Tuesday December 15th, from when voting will commence.  To make a nomination please clearly state your nomination and the category in a comment below.

Photo by Michael Righi (cc)

What do you think?

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  1. I shouldn’t post that, because I’m one of the administrators but for me the best non-English website is (aka with Polish GM Community. Most helpful website about GM in Poland (and we created several well known games (Almora, Magi, Spartan) and DLLs (Xenon,GMThreads,Xtend,Game Protector,Instant Player Offline,GMApi)).

  2. Best Periodical Publication: GM Tech
    Best Reviews of GM Games: I’m torn between TIGSource and NAL 😛
    Most exciting launch of the year: Torn between Gamejolt Ad revenue and Roket games commercial games. Roket commercial games is great in principal but is yet to be utilised, wheras Gamejolt ad revenue has been going strong for months now. However, the criteria is “most exciting”, not “most succesful”. Whilst I am excited about my 13 cents of GJ money, I’m more excited about the potential of easy commercial games. Both represent exciting additions to the monetization of Game Maker.

  3. “Best periodical publication – GM Tech.” I second that!
    Best reviews of Game Maker games. – NAL’s reviews that were posted here.
    Most exciting launch of the year – GM 8 RC or Unity 3d Indie going free, but I get the vague idea this is meant to be game maker related.


  4. Oops, I just realised I misunderstood what this was about. Damn that 5 minute deletion counter.

    Eh, I’ll make 1 nomination:
    Best periodical publication — GM Tech. There haven’t been many magazines this year that have survived, and the recent issues have been of good quality.

  5. @Miguel @True Valhalla These awards are not meant for games. In the past other sites have held these and I didn’t see a need to duplicate them.

    13 posts and only one nomination? I imagine because it has not been a good year for the magazines.

    Sadly without internet at home currently 🙁

    Edit: Why have none of you complained about that annoying time remaining to edit count down? Just saw it for the first time in ages.

  6. Caniac :Argh, why the Red Wings?!

    Better then the Hurricanes!
    Western Conference ftw.

    But seriously…

    I would love to nominate something but I cant think of anything. I don’t really look at tutorials and such.

    I could say that GMLive was the most exciting launch..

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