2009 Game Maker Blog Community Awards

You wont actually get a trophy this big, or indeed of any size.Yes, it’s that time of the year again.  We have just entered December and already we are looking back at the past 11 months with our second annual Community Awards.

To quote from the 2008 nominations post:

“In an attempt to focus more on the wider-community surrounding Game Maker than just the GMC, forum members and games GameMaker Blog will be holding its own awards for the year. We might even be able to come up with some tacky graphics for the winners to place in their GMC signatures!

The purpose of this competition is to showcase the best Game Maker resources that are helpful and useful to users of Game Maker. There is more to using Game Maker than just playing games!”

Thankfully we never came up with any substandard signature images for last year’s winners and I hope to see some of them nominated again in our five categories.

Unless otherwise specified all categories can be entered by any website or service (including media) of which the main focus is Game Maker.

The categories are:

  • Best source of Game Maker tutorials and/or examples.
  • Best periodical publication.
  • Best reviews of Game Maker games.
  • Best non-English Game Maker website.
  • Most exciting launch of the year (calendar year 2009).

Nominations will take place up-to Tuesday December 15th, from when voting will commence.  To make a nomination please clearly state your nomination and the category in a comment below.

Photo by Michael Righi (cc)

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