GMTalk Game Maker Podcast – Episode 4

GMTalk LogoAfter a four month summer* break Andrew McCluskey, Jack Brockley and myself are back with a fourth episode of the GMTalk Game Maker podcast, recorded Sunday.   We were joined for the 54 minute show by Josh Conley and Game Maker decompiler author Zach Reedy.

The main topic covered in the show is the Game Maker 8 decompiler and we also discuss Andrew’s game for iOS and have a very brief look at the sixth YoYo Games competition. Also covered is the spotlight games procedure, what the demise of Realtime Worlds means for YYG, Andrew comes up with some Game Maker ideas and we have a look at the contents of the upcoming Rekame Mag 3 as part of our ever-present magazines feature.

Mono version:

Direct Link (49MB)

Show Links

Competition progress tracker
“More transparent” judging process promise
Around the world in 33 days

Game Maker Community Game Eve abandonment (GMB)
GMCG List of new game ideas

YoYo Games forums
Girls breast sizes! (original post has been modified)

Development version of Mini Madness running on iPod Touch (video)
madnessMADNESSmadness original game
ReMaddening game
YYG to contact better game makers offering to publish their games on devices
Banov‘s comment on YYG blog post
Banov’s games on YYG

YYG homepage (with the spotlight!)
YYG featured games

Decompiler released (GMB)
Zach’s website
score_under‘s “Anti-Decompiler”
Decompiler is coming (light-to-pro) (GMB)
Mike Dailly’s blog
Slime Online 2 Forums
Slime Online

Rekame Mag (issue 2) (GMB)
This Is Indie website
xot’s comment on This Is Indie
Katamari Series
GMAG website

Results of Game Maker Survey 2010 (GMB)
Earlier GMB comments on implementation of the survey
(Jack’s post about Stencyl beta)

GMB post on GMIndie’s demise
Game Maker Gazette
GMIndie’s goodbye message
Jesse at YYG
GMIndie Podcasts: [with Sandy, with Mike and Russell]

IndiePubGames finalists
GMB post on the final (entry numbers)
The results are being announced at GDC Online in Texas on October 7th.

YYG App Store
@YoYoGameMaker on Twitter
Realtime Worlds BBC article

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Music: Dafear
Previous shows: GMTalk 3GMTalk 2GMTalk 1

*all podcast contributors are in the northern hemisphere!

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  1. Just letting you know that I always listen intently to your podcasts and enjoy them a lot.

    The facilitators and guests are easy to listen to, articulate and put a human side to what used to be just a GMC username.

    I especially enjoyed listening to Zach’s (Aragon) decompiler discussion, though I wish he had delved a little deeper technically. I especially appreciated his honesty, when he didn’t know or couldn’t remember something, he said exactly that. A refreshing change from many, who feel the need to ramble on.

    It’s always good to hear from somebody from YYGs, and was glad Andrew (NAL) was a guest. I, like many, want to hear as mush as we can about the YYG’s inner workings and plans. I’m hoping that once he has been at YYGs a little longer and finds his comfort zone that he can appear on the show more often.

    This medium and format is much nicer than the typical (g)blog style we are accustomed to. Looking forward to the next one.

    Oh yeah, and all the accents are just so gitchy, it’s like listening to a Harry Potter movie.

  2. The section on the decompiler was interesting. Regarding online games, decompilers can prove irritating for new online developers who are still learning about how to code secure online games, but for a serious, well coded online game a decompiler has very little effect on the game’s security, because the vital code is handled on the server side. For example, the changing of levels, points, or whatever, aren’t actually possible if the game is properly server sided. So the only issue I think anyone can have is still in regard to resources and code.

    I’m disappointed that no more magazines have come up. Still looking forward to the next Rekame issue.

    Overall a great podcast, looking forward to the next.

Jesse Venbrux to work at YoYo Games “for a few weeks”

Finalists of YoYo Games Competition 6 Announced