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Weekend Community Links – Steam Rollback, Custom IDE and Slow Down Explanation

Mike Dailly made an interesting post about how GameMaker: Studio handles blend modes at a base level and why it caused a major slowdown for some users of version 1.1.867. The developers at YoYo Games continue to interact with the userbase on the official Game Maker Community forums, as well as on Twitter and other platforms.

A few alternative GameMaker: Studio IDE’s appeared this week including Natural GM by Daspirit and Parakeet by Jobo. Both projects are still early in development and should be used with care.

YoYo Games has made it possible for GameMaker: Studio Steam users to rollback to previous versions. Requests for this feature have been common among Steam users.

What do you think?

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  1. I think that Daspirit and Jobo need to combine their efforts instead of trying to make different projects. I really like the idea of being able to not have to deal with GM’s D&D interface to edit projects.

    • I don’t mind having two separate editors, each will appeal to a different set of people. I personally prefer Parakeet because it lets you look at all the code for a object on a single page.

      However I know some people will prefer the Notepad++ style of the NaturalGM editor.

      Also looking back at other open source projects (GMC Game) they didn’t do very well, so I don’t mind that the projects stay closed-source as long as they continue to work on them.

    • We can’t combine our efforts if we don’t know the same language and/or libraries. Besides, competition is making each other work faster than we would normally.

      I am DaSpirit. :p

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