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GameMaker Studio 1.4 Features Announced

The feature list for GameMaker Studio version 1.4 has finally been announced, and there are even a few surprises thrown in for good measure. YoYo Games CEO Sandy Duncan shared the announcement on Twitter and also hinted that the Xbox One export is coming soon.

Check out the list of GameMaker Studio version 1.4 features summarized below.


Feature List

Here’s what will change in GameMaker Studio version 1.4…

  • The recently launched GameMaker Marketplace will become part of the stable release
  • Updates to the extension system will enable integration of external SDKs and frameworks for iOS and Android
  • Changes to the audio system will introduce Audio Groups that can be loaded only when necessary
  • Major updates to the physics library will introduce soft-body particle simulation using Liquid Fun
  • Changes to the image editor will introduce onion skinning, RMB erase, and custom color pallets
  • Changes to the user interface will introduce a search and filter option, and Script Groups
  • Enumeration and (limited) pointers will be added
  • The room editor will be overhauled (though not in the initial release)

The release date for GameMaker Studio version 1.4 is not currently known.

For a more detailed overview of the upcoming additions, check out the Tech Blog announcement »

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  1. Over hauled room editor? Predictive programming for GMS 2.0? I cannot wait for 2.0 to use it on elementary OS. Having native Linux support for Game Maker is going to be amazing. Hopefully the rumored subscription tier is reasonable.

    • That’s what I want to know. 2.0 was scheduled to be released last summer/winter. Summer and winter came and went, and now this year’s summer is almost over. Instead of adding feature after feature after feature, maybe actually put all hands on 2.0? Yoyo Games is becoming like Xojo….. A company that also made lost promises. (iOS and 64 bit support announced in 2012, beta and released slated for that year, delayed to 2013, then delayed to 2014, with a beta slated release in the summer. It’s now in Alpha, so it will be delayed again. Now they’re putting Android on the drawing board.)

      I’m getting tired of companies promising releases and then delaying said releases without giving a real reason. I’m fed up with the bullshit.

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