Research Story: A Lead Researcher’s Assignment


Assignment Briefing 1: The Introduction

As the lead researcher at the Violet Archive, I’ve been tasked with overseeing a new project. The project involves the discovery and recording of plants and creatures for our archive. The assignment has been given to a promising new recruit, and it’s my job to guide them through their journey. The project is called “Research Story“, a charming and engaging game that mirrors our own research endeavors.

Assignment Briefing 2: The Early Access

The game is currently in early access, which means it’s still being developed and refined. This is similar to the early stages of a research project, where we’re still gathering data and refining our methodologies. The game has already received valuable feedback from its community, much like how we value the input of our peers in the research community.

Assignment Briefing 3: The Gameplay

The gameplay in Research Story involves researching, farming, taming animals, and fishing. The recruit will be completing research scrolls by observing different species, growing crops, taming animals, and fishing. There are currently over 60 researchables in the game, a testament to the game’s depth and complexity.

Assignment Briefing 4: The Exploration

In addition to the research, the recruit will also be exploring caves and mines. They’ll be foraging for mushrooms, solving puzzles, and mining for ores and gems. This aspect of the game mirrors our own fieldwork, where we often find ourselves exploring uncharted territories in the pursuit of knowledge.

Assignment Briefing 5: The Community

The recruit will also be interacting with the townsfolk of Shimmerbrook, the game’s setting. They’ll be befriending over 15 townsfolk, learning their backstories, and even going on dates. This aspect of the game mirrors our own interactions with the communities we work with in our research.

Assignment Briefing 6: The Crafting and Building

The game also features crafting and building mechanics. The recruit will be adding decor and useful items to their farms, and crafting items at various crafting stations. This aspect of the game mirrors our own efforts to build and maintain our research facilities.

Assignment Briefing 7: The Main Story Quests

The recruit will be completing main story quests to uncover the reasons behind the plant and creature appearances in Shimmerbrook. This aspect of the game mirrors our own research objectives, where we strive to uncover the mysteries of the natural world.

Assignment Briefing 8: The Early Access Price

The game is currently being offered at a lower price during early access. This is similar to how we often offer early access to our research findings to our peers at a discounted rate.

Assignment Briefing 9: The Community Involvement

The game’s developers are involving the community in their development process, much like how we involve the community in our research. They’re seeking feedback and suggestions from the game’s community and are committed to building a fun and engaging game.

Assignment Briefing 10: Planting the Seeds

Research Story is a fascinating game that mirrors our own research endeavors. It’s a game that offers valuable insights into the research process and serves as a reminder of the importance of community involvement in research. As the lead researcher, I’m excited to see how the recruit will navigate their assignment, and I’m looking forward to seeing the game’s full release.

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