There Will Be Ink: A Classroom Distraction Turned Detention



As a school teacher, I’ve seen my fair share of doodles and distractions. But when I caught my students playing “There Will Be Ink” during class, I knew I was dealing with a whole new level of classroom rebellion.

The Game: A Doodle Come to Life

“There Will Be Ink” is a tactical action game that takes the age-old pastime of doodling stick figure battles on a notepad and turns it into a full-fledged war. It’s like the doodles in the margins of your notebook have come to life and are now battling it out for supremacy.

Gameplay: More Than Just Scribbles

The game is surprisingly complex, with a focus on strategy and cover tactics. Charging headfirst into the fray will rarely win a battle. Instead, players need to assess the battlefield, take cover, and keep an eye on troop positions. It’s a far cry from the mindless button-mashing games I’ve seen students play before.

Features: From Base Building to Battlefield Design

The game features a variety of missions, from building up a base to rescuing prisoners behind enemy lines. There’s even a map editor for those who want to design their own battlefields. And let’s not forget the persistent battlefield feature, where the history of any given battle is retained by the craters, shells, and ink spilled on the battlefield. It’s like a living, breathing history lesson!

The Classroom Impact: A Detention-Worthy Distraction

But as impressive as the game is, it’s not exactly conducive to a productive learning environment. I mean, how can I compete with jetpack-wearing T-Rexes and maniacal Yetis? It’s hard enough to get students to pay attention to algebra without having to contend with flamethrower-wielding stick figures.

A Word to My Students

So, to my students who thought they could get away with playing “There Will Be Ink” during class, I have this to say: Nice try. Enjoy your detention. And next time, maybe save the epic stick figure battles for after school.

An Engaging Distraction

As for the game itself, I have to admit, it’s quite the engaging distraction. If you’re a fan of strategy games, or if you’ve ever found yourself doodling epic battles in the margins of your notebook, “There Will Be Ink” might just be worth a look. Just make sure you’re not supposed to be paying attention to something else when you play it.

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