Princess Farmer: A Magical Harvest of Delight

Embark on a Magical Journey with Princess Farmer

Greetings, good ladies of the realm! Today, we bring forth a tale of enchantment and delight, a tale of a magical bunny farmer known as “Princess Farmer“. This charming game, crafted by the skilled artisans at Samobee Games and published by Whitethorn Games, is a unique blend of visual-novel and match-3 gameplay that will surely captivate your hearts.

Experience the Enchantment of Match-3 Gameplay

In the world of Princess Farmer, you are bestowed with the power to hoist up whole rows of veggies with ease, making matches and smashing obstacles in your path. The game is filled with a host of adorable characters to befriend, mysteries to unravel, and fashionable attire to collect. Truly, it is a magical realm where you can smash rocks, make combos, and win hearts!

Engage in Delightful Dialogue and Build Relationships

The game is played in episodes, much like the tales of magical maidens from the East, with each episode lasting between 20 minutes to an hour, depending on your chosen playstyle, your skills, and whether you decide to engage in delightful dialogue interactions. The dialogue options allow you to choose how Princess Farmer interacts with her friends, affecting your relationships with them. Win their hearts, and they may reward you with gifts!

Immerse Yourself in Charming Graphics and a Vibrant Soundtrack

The game’s visuals are as charming as a tapestry woven by the finest weavers in the kingdom. It’s cute, it’s bouncy, it’s pink, and it’s filled with bunnies! The soundtrack, produced by the talented minstrel Astra, is a bubbly blend of chiptunes with lo-fi beats, providing the perfect accompaniment to your farming adventures.

The Joy of Farming Like Never Before

Princess Farmer is not just a game, it’s a magical journey that invites you to puzzle your way through a mysterious world, build relationships with loveable characters, and experience the joy of farming like never before. So, don your farming attire, pick up your magical tools, and step into the delightful world of Princess Farmer!

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