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🌟 Real Players, Real Reviews: Dive into the World of ‘Don Duality 🌟

Ready to dive into a world where restaurant management meets mafia operations? Experience ‘Don Duality’ for yourself and join the conversation. Now available on Steam.

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Reviews from: Steam Community :: Don Duality

🎮 A Deep and Engaging Experience

“To be honest, I expected a fairly simple gameplay… But it turned out to be much deeper and devilishly exciting. With one hand I set up new tables and hire cooks, with the other I send out gangsters and clean up the corpses of unlucky thugs. I love the mechanics of interacting with the game through the event deck.”andante89

🍕 More Than Just a Pizzeria Manager

“Don Duality is not perfect, but it’s surely a fun game. Managing your criminal organization and all troubles that come with it is really interesting.”EGOIST

🚫 Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

“I didn’t find the game to be particularly interesting. Not much to do really. Just clicking buttons and hoping for a good outcome.”tsmartika

🎵 A Symphony of Gameplay Elements

“Well here it is released, I liked the demo version then, bought the full version now. A pixel parody of Mafia affairs. Where we do economics, launder money, improve the restaurant, have a showdown, and other little things.”DM

🚔 Balance Between Crime and Cuisine

“Simple gangster restaurant game)) Upper restaurant and basement underground business)) Cool game.”= Sbor-nt =

🎲 A Game of Chance and Strategy

“The game over screen features a ‘last chance’ system in the form of… a literal slot machine. Randomness is supposed to keep the game fresh, not remove all meaningful decision-making from the player.”balistafreak

🌍 A Unique Blend of Genres

“Unusual game, contains a mixture of games from different genres that makes it unique. Interesting mechanics, if you want to feel like a strategist and gangster game is definitely for you.”ANTIKV

🍝 Restaurant Meets Underworld

“Your restaurant will expand and improve. But remember, the more people your restaurant attracts, the more staff will have to be hired. Most of your subordinates will be Gangsters. Send them on a variety of criminal activities.”TEXYMAN

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