Re-Making Pong in GameMaker Studio The Easy Way

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Glenn: “Alright, team, today we’re going back to basics. We’re coding Pong in GameMaker Studio.”

Rob: “Pong? That’s just two paddles and a ball, right? Easy.”

Charlie: “I once played Pong with a pizza slice as a paddle.”

Kaitlin: “That explains the grease stains on your controller.”

Scene 1: Setting Up The Paddles

Danny: “Ah, Pong. I remember when it first came out. Simpler times.”

Charlie: “So, we just draw two rectangles, right?”

Rob: “I got this!” (Types rapidly) “draw_rectangle(50, 50, 100, 200, true);”

Kaitlin: “Rob, that’s just one paddle. And it’s filled in.”

Glenn: “We need it outlined. Set the last argument to ‘false’.”

Charlie: “And let’s use sprite_create_from_surface for some fancy graphics!”

Rob: “Charlie, it’s Pong. It doesn’t need fancy graphics.”

Kaitlin: “Let’s just get the basics right first.”

Glenn: “We need two paddles, Rob. One for each player.”

Rob: “Right, right. I’ll duplicate the code and adjust the coordinates.”

Charlie: “Can we make one paddle look like a slice of pizza?”

Kaitlin: “No, Charlie. Focus.”

Danny: “Back in my day, we didn’t have these fancy functions. We had to code everything from scratch.”

Glenn: “And now we have GameMaker Studio. Let’s make the most of it.”

Scene 2: Making the Ball Move

Charlie: “Now, the ball. It’s like the sun, right? Big and round.”

Rob: “It’s just a circle, Charlie. I’ll use draw_circle.”

Kaitlin: “We’ll use the speed and direction variables. Simple physics.”

Rob: “I’ll set the speed to 5 and direction to 45 degrees. That should make it bounce diagonally.”

Glenn: “Good. Now, for the bouncing, we’ll use the collision_rectangle function.”

Charlie: “Why not use place_meeting? It sounds friendlier.”

Kaitlin: “Because we’re dealing with rectangles, Charlie. Not friendly meetings.”

Rob: “Okay, I’ve set up the collisions. Let’s test it.”

Danny: “And… the ball’s stuck in the paddle.”

Charlie: “It’s having a friendly meeting!”

Kaitlin: “We need to adjust the collision detection.”

Glenn: “Let’s add some if statements to check the ball’s position and adjust its direction.”

Rob: “Got it. If the ball hits the top or bottom, we’ll reverse its vertical direction.”

Charlie: “Like a pinball machine! Can we add flippers?”

Kaitlin: “One step at a time, Charlie.”

Scene 3: Scoring and Game Over

Glenn: “We need a scoring system. Every time the ball passes a paddle, the other player scores.”

Kaitlin: “We can use the draw_text function to display the scores.”

Rob: “I’ll set up two variables, player1_score and player2_score.”

Charlie: “And when someone reaches 10 points, they win! And get a pizza.”

Danny: “Always with the pizza, Charlie.”

Glenn: “We’ll use an if statement to check the scores and display a ‘Game Over’ message.”

Rob: “And then restart the game?”

Kaitlin: “Yes, but let’s add a ‘Play Again’ option. Use the keyboard_check function to wait for a key press.”

Charlie: “And if they press the ‘P’ key, they get a pizza?”

Danny: “Sure, Charlie. A virtual pizza.”

Rob: “I’ve added the scoring system. Let’s test it out.”

Glenn: “Looks good. Just a few more tweaks and we’ll have a working Pong game.”

Kaitlin: “And no pizza, Charlie.”

Launch Time

Kaitlin: “Alright, we have a basic Pong game. Not bad, team.”

Rob: “I still think it needs more graphics. Maybe some explosions.”

Charlie: “And pizza power-ups!”

Glenn: “Let’s stick to the basics for now. We can always add more features later.”

Danny: “Just like the good old days. Start simple, then build on it.”


Glenn: “Thanks for joining us on this coding adventure. If you want to see more coding challenges, let us know.”

Charlie: “And send pizza!”

Kaitlin: “Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe. And maybe send Charlie a pizza so he stops asking.”

Rob: “Till next time, keep coding!”

Danny: “And reminiscing about the good old days.”

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