Game Maker Website membership numbers

on February 6, 2008 - 5823 Views

If, like me, you like statistics then good. Here is some information about the number of user registrations at various GameMaker related websites. Most figures are approximations.

English GameMaker Websites

  • YoYo Games – 87,000
  • Game Maker Community – 60,500
  • GameMakerGames – 1,600
  • 64Digits – 4,300 – It has been so long since the site has been up this figure is probably wrong. Just like the site.
  • MyGmGame – 700
  • – 350

Foreign language GameMaker websites

If you aware of any non-English sites dedicated to GameMaker that are not listed here please let me know. I am particularly interested in any Portuguese, Italian or Chinese communities.

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15 Responses to Game Maker Website membership numbers

  1. Blue says:

    Nederlandse Game Maker community(Dutch) has over 10000 members now 😛

  2. This post was written 1 year 4 months ago. GMArcade was founded around this time so would have had few or no members when this was posted.

    An updated list of foreign language Game Maker community forums can be found here:

  3. Slammin Sam says:

    You forgot! GOSH! they have 1757 users!

  4. […] localised Game Maker forum.  About a year ago I wrote a post listing the membership numbers of various Game Maker websites and I included a section on none-English […]

  5. zack says:

    It’s now Invision power board (free)

  6. Phil Gamble says:

    Thanks for the mention on gmzone 🙂
    Polish forum added.

  7. CyberTwister says:

    Thanx from GMzone for the link 😀
    And hello to all from France.
    See you

  8. Phil Gamble says:

    There is a good reason why water community wasn’t included.
    Thanks for the other Russian link – although it is considerably smaller than the one already on the list.

  9. zack says:

    corrected link to invisionfree free forum with 6 members removed

  10. zack says:

    You forgot water community

  11. Phil Gamble says:

    Bulgarian and Italian forums added.

  12. Phil Gamble says:

    Thanks, Russian forum added to the list.

  13. Mizzystic says: – best Russian Game Maker site.

  14. BlaXun says:

    yay, 64digits is wrong 😛

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