New look YoYo-ized GMC

on March 20, 2008 - 6829 Views

The GMC is looking distinctly green.

yyg green gmc

Here is a quick comparison conducted between the ‘old’ GMC (on 16th March) and the recently updated YoYo Games styled version (today).

gmc comparison table

I am unable to find the option to revert back to the old version which I remember an administrator stating would probably remain.

blue gmc

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10 Responses to New look YoYo-ized GMC

  1. […] its memory quadrupled.  Sandy also plans to upgrade Rails from 1.1 to 2.3.  This isn’t the first time YYG has upgraded from ancient versions of software.  There are also plans to upgrade the YYG forum […]

  2. […] at the GMC have occurred because time has not been spent on the site. In March 2008 when YoYo Games introduced their green colour-scheme to the forum they also updated the forum software which had not been kept up-to-date for two and a […]

  3. celebraces says:

    I believe the “old” GMC imported the skin’s style sheet while the new skin’s style is included in every page. What’s the deal with that?

  4. BrandMan211 says:

    The reason it loads faster is it’s based off the new optimized skin for the newest version of IPB. If they modified the old IPB default skin it wouldn’t make as much of a difference.

  5. Hi says:

    There was a like 5 skins at the test site ( until I posted the URL on Sandy’s glog and he changed mydunspace.

  6. gamez93 says:

    Chronic has pretty much said that there wont be a skin changer.

    You can view the post here –

  7. Rusky says:

    They’re still working on it, the theme thing will prolly come up sometime.

  8. Robin Monks says:

    It’s taking ” 26.1729 sec ” for me to view pages, according to the sites own timer at the bottom. I suspect it’s because of the additional traffic.


  9. The GMC provides an answer to the question “Who needs a domain name?” « the AKHLog V3 says:

    […] And if you want to see Phil Gambles statisticalized [not a word, that] post then you’ll want to click here! […]

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