Games in General: new GMC section

on March 30, 2008 - 3314 Views

GMC becomes off-topic. "We have decided to create this new forum because many of us are not only game creators but also game players."

Game design has also been renamed "Game ideas".

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6 Responses to Games in General: new GMC section

  1. tuntis says:

    It already has with the console wars 😀

  2. Faltzer says:

    Oh god, the fags in the Brawl topic can’t even spell Meta Knight’s name CORRECTLY. This forum will fail, eventually.

  3. Revel says:

    Yea I said something like this:

    “We need a forum section where users can post their game ideas for other people to see or use if they have permission. I know you probably wont add it but its worth a try”

  4. Phil Gamble says:

    You mean you requested the forum be added?

  5. Revel says:

    I was the one that PMed Takagi about this…

  6. Blijbol says:

    Previously, the GMC was for game creators and the YoYo Forums were for game players. I guess will be removed eventually.

    Strange enough, if I want to start a game design discussion now, it is unclear where to post. What if my discussion is about a commercial game but also about an idea for a Game Maker game I have?

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