Game Maker makes top 50 freeware games ever

on April 20, 2008 - 3475 Views

5 Game Maker games make the list. A British magazine, "PCZone" has listed the "top 50 freeware games ever", with 5 GM-made games in it, on the following positions:

Congratulations to all the makers of these games. Nethack’s on place 15? Blasphemy!

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4 Responses to Game Maker makes top 50 freeware games ever

  1. Broxter says:

    Karoshi should definitely have made it in the top 50…. Oh well….

  2. mrsmes says:

    wow so sweet, i am liking it the blog gives me hope that gm can provide the future i expected, to be S-O-O-O-H… S-W-E-E-E-A-T, and i highly suggested.

  3. Timoi says:

    4 other GM games were included in the 51-100 range: more info in my post [url=]HERE[/url].

  4. Mattthew_H says:

    Congratulations to all of you game developers and even the developers who made it in to the top 50 freeware games ever.

    Good luck with the future.

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