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on August 14, 2008 - 2636 Views

A promising new website, the G3d 3d Effects Database, has been launched. This innovative site hosts an array of different 3D Effects created by various artists/coders for GameMaker. It currently features just a little over ten effects but from the look of this site I can imagine this number will grow at a rapid rate. The response from members at the GMC has been positive.

My personal favorite effect is the ‘Explosion with Shrapnel’ effect (right). The only thing this site needs is a real domain (rather than the overused uni.cc)

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3 Responses to G3D Effects Libary

  1. Jesper says:

    I like that our website was featured on GMBlog, thanks guys :). Please upload your own effects too :).

    @ Hardcoregamer
    I do, I just think it could be better (see my posts on the effect’s page) :).

  2. Hardcoregamer says:

    Do you like my glass effect engine?

  3. Robin Monks says:

    Very nice! Thanks for bringing this to the community’s attention Danny!


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