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on March 4, 2009 - 2952 Views

They return!

  • Check out: Game Maker Highscores – easily add online highscore capability to your GameMaker games.
  • Zerosoft Gone –  the popular GameMaker community ZeroSoft which has previously held high value game making competitions has closed.
  • Visited Recently?  GM-Resources’ map of Game Maker Community members – there are now over 100 users plotted!  Who lives near you?
  • Follow us:  GameMaker Blog has been on Twitter for a while – follow us to receive notifications of new posts and additional Game Maker news and links

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8 Responses to Mid-week Community Links

  1. msr says:

    @Philip Gamble

    So why did it get closed down?

  2. @msr
    Because the forum has been deleted

  3. msr says:

    @Phil Gamble

    Hey Phil, I can’t open that link. It says it doesn’t exist.

  4. msr says:

    Hey Phil, I can’t open that link. It says it doesn’t exist.

  5. Danny says:

    Takagi only lives a few miles from me, and Camman goes to a private school literally 5 minuets walking distance from my house.

  6. msr says:

    What happened to ZeroSoft? Is there any explaination?

  7. F1ak3r says:

    1 – Neat.
    2 – That’s a shame. ZeroSoft was kind of a silly name anyway, though.
    3 – Must remember to check that out sometime.
    4 – Getting in on the latest fad with bloggers everywhere, I see?

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