Game Maker 8 will cost $25 and will be DRM free

on November 21, 2009

YoYo Games’ Sandy Duncan has confirmed that Game Maker 8 will sell for the same price as its predecessor Game Maker 7 – $25.  Of course this excludes those of you who have purchased (or will purchase) a Game Maker 7 upgrade at any time during 2009 as these purchasers are entitled to a free upgrade.

Sandy’s comments also suggest that it is the creation of a new “distribution system” to replace Softwrap which is holding up the final release date.  Sandy has also confirmed that Game Maker 8 will not use Digital Rights Management.

18 Responses to Game Maker 8 will cost $25 and will be DRM free

  1. Jonathan Martin says:

    In don’t care, I get a free upgrade xD

  2. Frederick says:

    Well of coarse it will sell for the same amount.

  3. NAL says:

    Sandy initially hinted there would be a discount for Pro-owners that bought it in 2008 or earlier, though that blog entry doesn’t make any note of that. For the sake of YYG’s money losses, and the built-in transparent PNG support, though, I’ll probably buy it at full price again anyway.

  4. SunnyKatt says:

    I’ll buy it full price again gladly. I got way more than my money’s worth out of GM, and $25 is practically nothing compared to other coding IDE licenses.

  5. Mattthew_H says:

    I think that YYG will get a higher percentage than when they used Softwrap.
    Because they would have been paying them anual fees, or a big fee to start using there service – or, Softwrap would have been getting a portion of each sale.

    Either way, I’m not to sure if I’ll upgrade, as I don’t use GM as much as I used to or would like to. I probably will just to support YYG.

    I guess with all this new progress, they’ve hired some programmers. (y)

  6. xot says:

    With all of the improvements to the IDE, it’s well worth the full purchase price to upgrade. I’ll have only invested $45 into software I’ve been happily using almost daily for the last five years. That’s a bargain if ever there was one.

  7. Mattthew_H says:

    I was just thinking, YYG, although may make more money then they do at the moment from GM registrations, they aren’t going to be making a profit, unless they where to get something like 10,000 registrations per day, and that doesn’t seem very possible.

    I think that Yoyo should make ‘pro’ features on there site, such as statistics and other features that people would actually pay for – this could get them some cash.
    Even there own custom advertisement system would work instead of Google Ads.

    What does everyone else think?

  8. 10,000 registrations * $25 = $250,000. They don’t need $250,000 a day to profit.

  9. Mordi says:

    xot :With all of the improvements to the IDE, its well worth the full purchase price to upgrade. Ill have only invested $45 into software Ive been happily using almost daily for the last five years. Thats a bargain if ever there was one.

    I’ve used 50$ already because of Softwrap bugs, so to my total will be 75$ after I purchase GM8.

  10. Mattthew_H says:

    @Philip Gamble
    I see what you mean, but they will need another source of revenue soon. It’s not as if they’ll be getting a strong amount of registered users every year… I just think that they need to look, plan and execute things in other ways to there advantage.

    Besides, $25=m, users=u, YYG Staff (20 we’ll say)=s – okay?
    10,000u * m=250,000m
    250,000m divided by s=12,500m

    12,500 a year, and that wouldn’t be evenly spread between the company. Do you see what I mean now? [Gets a little bit off track] They won’t be getting 10,000 registrations every year, so that was a sort-of start up amount that they may receive when GM8 is released. There is to much to take into account for though.

    Making an Ad system isn’t hard, making library isn’t hard, making extra content, isn’t hard – making a new package every month SHOULDN’T be hard at all.[/Gets a little bit off track]

  11. xot says:

    @Mordi I’m sorry to hear that. If you bought another license because you weren’t patient enough, I doubt there is much you can do. I think it would be well worth you time to try and get YoYo (or sandyd directly) to give you a free upgrade if you can present some proof of a double purchase. Cordial persistence can work wonders.

  12. @Mattthew_H YYG does not have 25 employees.

  13. Broxter says:

    @Philip Gamble
    And the employees they do have are lazy ass. :P

  14. Mattthew_H says:

    20* Phil ;)
    It was an example, besides, ~$12,000 salary isn’t a lot at all. Especially if someone was to have a family or somethings – things that are expensive.

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  17. Ampersand says:

    Well it’s not like YYG is a fulltime job after each new version is released… I run marketing for a local car dealership, and it is by no means full time. Perhaps site upkeep might be a little more than part time, but that’s not a 20 person job. So surely everyone working at YYG isn’t relying solely on YYG for their income.

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