Game Maker for Mac Released on YoYo Games App Store

on August 11, 2010 - 6705 Views

YoYo Games App Stor

Game Maker 7 for Mac has been released for sale at the new YoYo Games app store.  The free version offers all the features available in the full version but has a 10 hour usage limit.  Upgrading via the App Store will normally cost $25 but until September 1st the price is reduced to $20.

Download Game Maker for Mac

One feature in Game Maker for Mac has which has yet to be added to the PC version is a built-in automatic updating system.  Hopefully this will be added to the PC version soon so we can look forward to more regular updates.

The App store [our earlier thoughts] has been ready for a while but this is the first time it has been seen in public. Eventually the idea is to sell high quality Game Maker games through the website with YoYo Games earning a commission.

At the time of writing the App Store and Game Maker for Mac are yet to be integrated into the main website.

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19 Responses to Game Maker for Mac Released on YoYo Games App Store

  1. […] Previously Game Maker for Mac had not followed the Pro and Lite distribution model of the PC version and instead the only free option was a 10 hour time-limited trial of the full version. Leave a comment | Trackback No comments yet. […]

  2. […] couple of months back we reported that YoYo Games’ newly created marketplace which they named the YoYo App Store might have to change its name because App Store is a registered […]

  3. Bas Bloem says:

    Now I just need a Mac, and then my development computer is done, away with this windows thing

  4. […] today YoYo Games announced the launch of the “YoYo Games App Store” from which Game Maker 7 for Mac can be […]

  5. Brad says:

    It’s stupid that they added Game Maker itself as an “App” in the Appstore. What happens when it gets lost in all the other Apps that will eventually be added? YYG will loose sales if nobody can find it..

  6. Brad says:

    The App Store is a good idea. It will be nice to finally see GOOD Game Maker games all in one area. However, it’s rare for me to see a Game Maker game that I would actually spend money on.

  7. xot says:

    Man, they really phoned it in with the help file. Repeated mentions of needing “Pro” version for some features and a section on upgrading from “Lite” (with the wrong price, if that’s even relevant). In other words, it’s the GM7 help file with no apparent changes. Best of all, a web link to purchase GM8 for Windows. How many poor Mac users are going to end up doing that because YoYo can’t be arsed to target their help file to its platform?

    • xot says:

      Well, I guess you can’t technically purchase it without running it, so at least there shouldn’t be any money lost. Still, it’s incredibly sloppy to have the link, and to never indicate on the download page that it is for Windows only.

  8. ugriffin says:

    Mac version still very buggy. The games crash on startup when assigning custom .icns files. At least that’s what happens to me.


    @SunnyKatt, if you hate Macs, why do you have one? Or do you have a friend who has a Mac, or how do you plan on porting the game?

    • SunnyKatt says:

      Because I’m required to port my game to the mac, I’ll be using a hackintosh. 😉

      I’ve used them extensively over the years and have no desire to buy one of those polished hunk-o-junk’s.

  9. Coolist says:

    Well one things for sure, if they are interested then the’ll buy it. And if anyone here wants to say “I’m a Mac user and I’m poor/money conservative” then you shouldn’t have bought a Mac in the first place.

  10. Urgh… The App store. I know this is YoYo Games, but urgh.

  11. BlueMaxima says:

    Fantastic, now hopefully Game Maker gets the huge Mac audience it deserves.

  12. SunnyKatt says:

    Unfortunately I’ll have to end up buying it regardless of my hate for macs because I need to make a mac-compatible version of my game. 🙁

  13. Rusky says:

    Urgh… The time limit. I know this is YoYo Games, but urgh.

  14. Supermini_man says:

    Oh, that’s nice. I’ll port my games as soon as possible. The App Store looks promising too, although I don’t know if there’s going to be a good number of buyers.
    On a side note it’s also cool seeing NAL’s games being ported to Mac on the screenshots. 😀

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