New GMers jumping in at the deep end

One of the first rules of game creation is don’t be too ambitious, especially when you are working on your first game.

My first gamemaker game was a space-invaders inspired game of around 1MB in size, which was created at least 4 years ago, possibly more. The download link doesn’t work anymore as I haven’t been maintaining the website that the game is on for a good few years.

Some people however are undeterred and jump straight into making ambitious multiplayer games before even touching on the basics as this screenshot I took earlier today at the GMC will testify (details edited to protect what is probably naive preteen).

You also have to note that in the same topic the member asked, and no, I’m not making this up:


Yes, you read that correctly this member of the GMC who has only been using gamemaker for a few months saw the gmmmorpg and decided they wanted a piece of the action – before realising they didn’t know wan a WAN, IP or LAN was.

Incidentally this particular member’s signature at the GMC which in facts spans about 17 lines worth of text tells me at the bottom that I am, quote “DOOMED!”. I think this should be adjusted to refer to their MMORPG.

What do you think?

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