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Yesterday I submitted my first article to GMking’s MarkUp magazine.

Since returning to the gamemaker community this month I have taken a look at the magazines on offer for the community. When I was last using gamemaker Morpheous’s GMData magazine had published its fourth issue, however the fifth issue was never made.

The only magazines for the community that I am aware of are the GMTech magazine and MarkUp.

MarkUp’s pilot issue in March this year was a success and the second issue was released in April. The graphics in the magazine are amazing and give the magazine a professional shine.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I downloaded the 4th, and latest, edition of GMTech – their topic at the GMC had 13 pages of replies, in contrast to MarkUp’s single page.

The latest GM Tech issue is from November 2006, not what I call an up-to-date publication. MarkUp however is currently on its April 2007 issue, much more relevant. Although to be fair MarkUp did include a review of GameMaker 7 in their April edition, which had been out since February. I also found the design in GM Tech lacking and the latest edition seems to include pages and pages of filler screen-shots for Magi, a shareware gamemaker game.

MarkUp contained a far greater quantity of quality readable articles, however that said there is still room for improvement which is why I decided to contribute.

If you are interested in getting an article published in one of these digital magazines you should check out the relevant websites. Who knows, if you submit at article to GM Tech it may appear in their bumper Christmas 5th issue.

What do you think?

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  1. Will do, I also have another article (or possibly two) in the next edition. Not sure when the planned release date is but have heard things are coming along (in a round about sense).

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