Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! firms up release date to September 13th

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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! Launch Delayed To September 13th

Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 might be the most anticipated chef game in the history of food preparation games to date and the decision David Galindo made to delay the release came with a heavy heart as seen in this twitter post:


Fortunately, fans were overwhelmingly supportive of David’s decision; replying to his twitter comments with respect and gratitude. This is something that should hearten all Indie Developers, as there are times where delays can happen and seeing upfront and honest communication being rewarded with support instead of anger not only relieves the stressed development team but fuels their passion forward to deliver the best game they can. Not to spoil the surprise for anyone, we have some details and trailers below if you want to keep reading; if not, just know that Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! will now launch September 13th on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux for $12.99.

Made with GameMaker Studio 2

One of the truly great side-effects of the original Cook, Serve, Delicious game being so successful is it was another GameMaker success story; something we can never have too much of. Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 is created using GameMaker Studio 2 and look absolutely fantastic which is sure to boost Gamemaker’s reputation at being a serious game engine. For evidence of how truly amazing everything looks, take a quick look at the following official gameplay trailer:

The graphics are smooth, menu’s look clean, control system runs without a hitch; everything just looks high quality and really shows how good a GameMaker game can be with a talented development team behind it. Also, just a quick note about David and GameMaker Studio 2: You can read all about the conversion of Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 from GameMaker: Studio to GameMaker Studio 2 at David’s blog: CSD 2 Programming Update and Another CSD 2 Programming Update; the streamlined GMS 2 flows and ease of use is clear all through the posts.

New Features

There are some unique features in Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 that really stand out as innovative:

  • All New Menu System → Update #2: Menus, Foods, new UI and Lots More!
    • Optional Dual Menu (Not at launch): Make a great breakfast menu and an even better lunch/dinner menu
    • Preset Menus: Now have up to 3 preset menus you can easily switch between to help deal with menu rot
    • New Desserts Food Type: Serve a perfect meal and a premium drink with a side to earn the chance at offering the customer a dessert which will triple the rewards for the order
    • New Drink System: Drinks are now on a separate menu and are served automatically to any customer that orders one, the drink stations will require manual service after so many customers have been served
    • Secret Ingredients (Not at launch): Secret ingredients did not make it in for launch but may be updated post launch, further details are still “Secret”.
  • New Chef for Hire Campaign Mode → Chef for Hire
    • Work as a Chef in 30 restaurants and over 400 levels
    • As a true alternative, you can play nearly the entire game in this mode
    • Task system allows retrying a level while keeping any experience and money if you fail the task
    • As you beat levels in each restaurant, more menu options appear, additional holding stations open up and buzz increases – as do the rewards
    • Really adds a career type mode to the game
  • Revamped Co-Op mode
    • Both players can now be Chefs
    • Scaling difficulty allows for drop in/drop out Co-Op without affecting the game
    • Split Screen Co-Op with many different control options including Mouse and Keyboard, Keyboard and Controller, or Controller and Controller

The vast amount of foods and ingredients is staggering with over 180 different foods comprising up to 16 ingredients each; truly massive in size. Of course, not everything worked out, there was one feature that didn’t make it to the pass:

  • Roaches: If you let trash pile up you would start to have an infestation of roaches that would need to be killed with bug spray. If this happened enough times, then a super Roach would show up and take a very long time to kill
    • While I am sad that we couldn’t turn this into our own Kitchen Nightmares episodes I fully understand David’s reasoning behind the change:
      •  “With the hyper-realism I’m aiming for with the food, having HD roaches with enough detail to make out their hairy legs was just a tad overboard. So, I’m cutting it from the final game. RIP roaches.”
      • Super Roach Picture (Not for the faint of heart): Super Roach

Additional Information

If you want to know more about Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! you can head to the following resources:

Just a quick note, there are openings to be a Discord Mod as per David:

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