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Top Game Maker related websites

I started this as a small personal experiment to track which Game Maker sites were the most popular. Yes, we have Alexa traffic ranks (which many people will tell you are not worth the webspace they are hosted on), but there are also a number of other ranking sites out there. So I compiled data from various traffic ranking sites and threw in data on the number of inbound links tracked by iWebTool and the amount of traffic these sites have sent to GameMakerBlog in the past month.

The table below shows the results for 13 GameMaker sites, tracked 10 days apart. These are not necessarily the most trafficked Game Maker sites, most of the big ones are in there and I also threw in other personal favourites of mine and a few random sites to see how they compared with the others.

The ‘Score’ for each site is calculated by adding together it’s ranking in each aspect compared to the other sites, the lowest score possible would be zero this would occur if a site had the top position in each of the five categories.

This data is of course probably useless and unfair, but if you want to take a look here it is….

GameMaker Websites

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  1. Yes, I thought I had made this clear before. This is not supposed to be a list of the most trafficked GameMaker websites – but a list showing how the sites I selected compared with each other.

    I included some big sites (yoyogames, 64digits, gamemakergames) as well as ones of people I know (gamemakerresource,, the gmking sites and of course gamemaker blog) and then I also threw some other names into the hat. GameMaker Tech to see how they compared with MarkUp, DarkSoft because they claimed to have a very popular site (a claim I disagreed with) and other sites. Sites were therefore selected on the basis that I was aware of them, and that they had their own domain name which was required in some of the tests.

  2. gamez I think you are correct. Data could not be collected from all five sources for every site. Therefore, as I thought I had made clear earlier, these statistics are not passed off as being a reliable table of the most popular Game Maker related websites. I might of well as just thrown them away but I decided to share them to see what reaction they would get.

  3. Somehow I question the reliability of these statistics. For instance, Game has only just launched and we are slowly rolling it out with the promotion. That means we don’t have a lot of visitors just yet. My personal Game Maker site has a bit over 100 unique visitors daily. While Game is slowly growing it’s not yet there.

    Still, I like statistics :).

  4. Haha, as I said this is probably an unfair test and I only selected certain sites – besides because your site is new it would be at a disadvantage.

    The table doesn’t show the sites with the most traffic, as I would otherwise expect GameMakerResource to be much higher up the list. I think I should have introduced weightings for each thing the sites were rated on and given Alexa more priority.

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