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Is Game Maker News dead? Stencyl Blog.

Scorptek’s Game Maker news blog appears to be dead, or at the very least dieing.

Starting in March 2006 the blog has so far had a total of 161 posts, however the latest post on the 2nd September was the only post for that month. A little over a week ago I followed the instructions on their website for submitting news and have not heard anything back.

Frustrating? Yes, especially since GMNews its five latest posts displayed via RSS in a prime position on – the latest gamemaker news “15th August – 2nd September”.

I’ve had many blogs in the past I have given up on – most notably a Computers, Internet and Business blog I wrote for the prime purpose of monetizing using PayPerPost, as well as a couple of personal blogs. Indeed since arriving back from the depths of Yorkshire a couple of days ago I checked my mailbox to see that someone had sent me a message via YouTube enquiring as to why my Stencyl Blog has not been updated for more than a month.

The answer is obvious, – although in truth there are several reasons. Firstly I registered the domain name without really thinking what I would do with it. The fact that it had been left unregistered so long meant I grabbed it when I realised if I was quick I would be able to get my hands on it.

I put up a quick holding page before deciding to branch out into a site which would include news about the progress of the Open Source Game Development platform that is Stencyl. All the news I have posted on it (besides my opinions) can easily be found elsewhere on the Internet, and my content consists of information which has mostly been taken from the Stencyl forums and several YouTube trailers of the software which were made by people more involved in the project that I will ever be.

When Stencyl finally gets released I may try to keep the site more up-to-date, and will link to resources and community news in much the same way as I do here for Game Maker. However until Stencyl actually come out with something there isn’t really all that much to say.

I added some content, I got some traffic – but to be honest I know I’m not doing enough to keep that traffic. It doesn’t take long to make one blog post – but right now my blogging priority is GameMakerBlog, and then there is everything else… I guess GMNews is going through the same situation, but I wonder, will it ever return?

What do you think?

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  1. Hi,

    I am sorry that the GMNews site has not been updated very much recently, but I have begun to devote a lot more time to it. The main problem is that ever since the release of the beta 2, there has been very little news to report, although we did miss some.

    I did not ever see your news submissions, so there is probably something wrong with that. Thanks for telling me about the problem.

    I believe the site will be drastically improved in coming weeks, so don’t give up on it yet.

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