Open Source Game Maker

Game Maker consider going Open Source (well maybe one day).

Don’t think this will happen with the incompetence shown by YoYoGame so far, but you never know. A move away from registration based income to advertising revenue would obviously need to happen here but it would, if it happens, help increase the popularity of GameMaker and of course would result in more features for users.

Only Stencyl for competition, shame YoYo haven’t got this done, and are only “maybe one day [going to] think about going Open Source”.

What do you think?

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  1. please help me to find a good software which is useful game making and easy to work with. I am really excited about game programming but no one has knowledge about this branch around here.

  2. That’s probably Yoyo’s way of saying “hell no.” If GM went open source, they’d have to rethink encryption. The only way I see open-source mixing with encrypted material is if the encryption was more dynamic. Something Yoyo has failed to do.

    They can take notes when I finish ENIGMA. Only they’ll be out of the picture.


  3. Mark Overmars previously released other software programs open source. What he noticed was a huge increase in emails reporting bugs and complaining about the instability as well as requests for help with certain features where the manual was unclear. This increase of annoyance with users was because of unofficial buggy and undocumented versions filling the web.

    I know enough about the GMC to know that there will be very many buggy, undocumented, over hyped versions of Game Maker as well as many users who can’t tell them apart and complain about them on the GMC.

    One must also note that the source code for Game Maker is very complex. There would be few people actually capable of creating non buggy programs with it.

    Personally I’m quite happy with a team of skilled paid programmers working on Game Maker and advancing it in a bug free well documented program.

  4. Well, true — but that was when it was a one-man project, and it might not have been managed in the most effective way. Open sourcing software on SourceForge seems to work for many pieces of software, some of them much bigger than GM.

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