YoYo to go Instant Play only

yyg.pngYoYo Games planned to do away with the download option on their website, and instead only allow games to be played via their “InstantPlay” technology. Another reason to avoid YoYo it seems.

Fortunately other people agreed that this was not what they wanted, forcing Sandy to respond: “What I’m now proposing to do is add the ability for YOU to make your game Instant Play only (ie remove the download button yourselves) when you upload or edit your game.” Thank you. Finally, YYG are listening to the community that makes YYG possible.

They also seem pretty peeved at the Game Maker decompiler suggesting that they could take legal action against the makers of it. Seems more of a “don’t mess with us” threat than anything else.

What do you think?

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  1. Although I havent used the above mentioned program nor even GM, lets get this right, that program is a ripper NOT a de-compiler (as the users source code is simply thrown onto an exe runner…I havent used the play it now option but im presuming after downloading the plug in, it works in the same way..)

    Im not sure what court action yoyo could take. Its certainly not a criminal matter to rip a GM file per say and in terms of a civil case, yoyo would have to prove a claim for loss of revenue and/or intellectual property. I believe though, Yoyo have yet to realise that the EU has recently made a ruling in regards to companies asking for users details from ISP’s and refused them in civil cases…hows Yoyo going to bring them to court in the first place if they cant identify the users?

    In addition, many users on the yoyo blog brought up the question of how yoyo could consider court for anything when alot of its users are using ripped gfx and music from copyrighted material in the first place.

    I liked the way yoyo “tested the water” with the play it now option…it goes back to what I said before in regards to trying to make yoyo a youtube type site…I bet they were angling for the site to be the only place other users could play the games…Big mistake IMO…and the users comments show that as true…and I bet if they had support GM would have evolved into a package where you could no longer release standalone exe’s…

    Having briefly looked at the 64Digits site, it looks bad for Yoyo when a 3rd party site who use GM in their spare time (and probably are mostly teenagers) can produce a more functional and professional site than them.

    The Yoyo site IMO is a joke. Not so much the layout but more for the fact that young people are regularly exposed to porn , profanity & obscene language without any apparent safegaurds and I wont even start by the multiple breaches of copyright in alot of the games…all of which seems to wash over Yoyo games, and they seem to expect Nailog to go around sorting everything out….I would have got fed up long before now if I were him…

    I have concerns about the way Yoyo is run, the new version of GM is being re-written in C, they are producing a Mac version and they are trying to sort out the security issues…all at the same time…nothing seems to be getting done and in the meantime the Yoyo site is getting worse, full of holes and exploits…they are talking about 5m investment, yet they dont appear to have the registrations to cover that cost…and where are all the staff coming from to do all the above ideas? hows that being paid for?

  2. It shouldn’t be that hard for them to find the decompiler, I’m sure they’ve seen it already. I found it without any trouble.

    There really wouldn’t be any ‘minor’ security patch to solve the decompiler problem, it would just slow it down. The only way to completely secure GM against the decompiler would be to actually compile the games.

  3. Its not that easy xot :p
    If they found the decompiler, they may be able to find out how it works and create a minor security patch that’d stop the decompiler from working.
    But otherwise, you’d have to change a LOT of things to make it work, take that into account Blijbol 😛

  4. xot, I wouldn’t say “stop with security all together”, but rather.. stop being so obsessive about it. If something CAN be done for security by YoYo, I’d say why not.. but the current YYG perpsective seems “we can’t fix the actual software for enahanced security, so we’ll do lawsuits”.. and thats not the best approach.

  5. Most people who actually decompile probably wont use it to any extent further than threaten/experimentation due to fear of being caught, BUT there will always be people who will.
    And I doubt removing the download option will stop it from happening(unless you removed any temporary files of the games and made you have to download it encrypted, play it encrypted, make it impossible to modify and impossible to copy and delete it straight after.
    A long badly sorted list.
    But I’m sure I got my facts wrong there somewhere.

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