It’s raining updates…

It seems that after months of complaining about the lack of updates, the team at YoYo Games have decided to act to put a stop to it. With three updates in the space of three days, is this a taste of things to come?

20th August :: Competition Deadline Approaching

The deadline for the third YoYo Games competition is quickly approaching. You have only four more days to submit your entries. We hope that we will see a number of interesting additional submissions. Checkout the Competition page for details. Please realize that the deadline is strict. Last time we extended the deadline because of the problems caused by the server move, but that is not the plan this time…

19th August :: A New Wiki

As some of you might have noticed already, since today we have a new wiki on the YoYo Games website. The new wiki uses the familiar MediaWiki. All existing entries in the old wiki have been converted to the new wiki. The YoYo Games team is still working on some aspects of the wiki (like missing links and formatting issues) but that should all be settled soon…

18th August :: Glogs Have Been Merged

We have merged the YoYo Games Glog with Mark’s Glog on game design. This new glog will be the place where you will find any news you want regarding YoYo Games, Game Maker, designing games, and hopefully a lot more. We plan to post here a lot more often than in the past. We also upgraded to a much newer version fo the WordPress software allowing for many new nice features…

Enjoy the updates. At this rate, I have a feeling that we won’t be seeing as many in coming weeks.

One Reply to “It’s raining updates…”

  • I wonder if this consitancy in updates continues? I doubt it, making a new post everyday would be somewhat unlikely.

    It would be nice to get one at lest once or twice a week though, talking about what has been done during that amount of time and what is hoped to be soon done.


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