SUPER CHICKEN JUMPER: A Covert Operation in the World of Gaming


Objective: Save the world from impending doom
Agent: Codename Chicken

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Mission Briefing:

Agent, the world is in danger. Evil forces from the past have resurfaced with the intent to destroy our planet. You, codename Chicken, are the only operative Mrs. President trusts to handle this mission. Your objective is to infiltrate the enemy lines and neutralize the threat. This mission will test your agility, your quick thinking, and your ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.

This mission will require you to run, jump, dodge, destroy, and eliminate everything in your path. You will be deployed in six different worlds, each with its unique challenges and enemy types. Your primary weapon will be your agility, but you will also have access to various weapons and items to aid you in your mission. Remember, agent, in this mission, survival is the name of the game.

Mission Details:

During your mission, you will encounter various individuals, some of whom may be of assistance. These individuals, codenamed “Anime Girls”, will provide you with valuable advice and support. However, be wary of the mushrooms you encounter during your mission. Some of them have been reported to have… unusual effects. These effects could either aid or hinder your mission, so proceed with caution.

Your mission will be divided into six stages, each with its unique challenges and enemy types. You will also have the opportunity to prove your worth by completing over 20 challenges. Success in these challenges will earn you the title “CHICKEN OF THE DECADE”. This title is not just for show, agent. It is a testament to your skills, your bravery, and your dedication to the mission.

Mission Support:

You will be supported by a team of specialists, including a lovely yet terrifying president. She will provide you with strategic advice and support during your mission. Her experience and knowledge will be invaluable in navigating the challenges that lie ahead. Listen to her advice, agent. She has seen more than most in her position.

In addition to the president, you will also have a team of specialists at your disposal. They will provide you with the tools and resources you need to complete your mission. Use these resources wisely, agent. They could mean the difference between success and failure.

Mission Conclusion:

Agent, the fate of the world rests on your shoulders. Are you going to let the world be destroyed, or are you going to rise to the challenge? Remember, in the world of ‘SUPER CHICKEN JUMPER’, you are not just a chicken – you are a hero. You are the last line of defense against the forces that threaten our world.

Never forget, this a test of your skills, your courage, and your determination. It’s a mission that only the bravest and most dedicated agents can complete. So, strap in, agent. The world is counting on you.

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