Sagres: Tales of a Deck Swabbing Good Time


Hail and Well Met

Ahoy there, mateys! Gather ’round as I, the humblest sailor aboard the mighty vessel in Sagres, regale you with tales of our adventures. Now, don’t be fooled by my lowly rank. Even a deck swabber like me has a say in this grand escapade!

The Life of a Sailor in Sagres

First off, let me tell you, the life of a sailor ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s more like scurvy and barnacles. But Sagres? It’s a whole different kettle of fish. Here, I’m not just a sailor; I’m Fernando, a burgeoning explorer! I’m not just swabbing decks; I’m helping unravel the mystery of Lucia’s missing father. Talk about a promotion, eh?

Exploring the Open World

The open world of Sagres is as vast as the seven seas themselves. One moment, I’m in Lisbon, the next, I’m setting up trade routes in Timbuktu. And let me tell you, the markets there have more exotic goods than a pirate’s treasure chest.

Battles on Land and Sea

But it’s not all smooth sailing. We’ve got pirates, thieves, wild animals, and mythic creatures to contend with. It’s like a never-ending game of rock-paper-scissors, but with more cannon fire.

Customizing Your Ship

Now, let’s talk about the ship. It’s got more cannons than a royal navy vessel, but it’s not just about firepower. You’ve got to balance

your resources to keep your crew alive. Too many cannons and you’ll run out of biscuits. And trust me, a sailor without his biscuits is a sight scarier than any sea monster.

Early Access and Language Support

The game’s still in early access, so there are a few barnacles to scrape off. The sound effects are a bit off, and the only language supported is Korean. But hey, who needs language when you’ve got the universal language of adventure, right?

A Swashbuckling Good Time

All in all, Sagres is a swashbuckling good time. It’s got adventure, danger, and a whole lot of sea shanties. So, if you’re looking for a game that’ll make you feel like the captain of your own ship (even if you’re just the deck swabber), then hoist the anchor and set sail for Sagres!

Just remember, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. And if you see a sailor without a biscuit, steer clear!

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