Free Game Development Books

on September 4, 2007 - 4273 Views

Today I received two free game development books by courier, “Beginning 3D Game Programming” and “Agile Software Development“.

The books were sent to me as part of my involvement with the MarkUp magazine, where a future issue will contain reviews I have written on them. (I guess I have to read the books first 😛 )

As Eyas said “it is one of the pluses of being a good writer at Markup”, so if you are interested in contributing to a future issue…. you never know what might come your way – currently there is also an offer of a free domain if you write for issue 8.

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  4. Leif902 says:

    Hah, didn’t see the pics before so I just realized you look like a guy I know named Zach. Weird.

  5. Phil Gamble says:

    Must be the shock at finally getting myself in the picture…

    There are more than 2,000 miles between us, I don’t think he will be visiting soon 😉

  6. Grego says:

    Loving the expression there, Phil. You look truly surprised =D

    But does this mean that Eyas has your home address..? =X

  7. Phil Gamble says:

    No just some random guy I got of the Internet, yes it’s me.

  8. Sheldon says:

    Haha, is that your picture Phil?

    Anyway, sounds like a really good idea!


  9. Leif902 says:

    Alright, sent you my request Robin, can’t wait to do some reviewin’!

    This is a great idea and I really think MarkUp will benefit from it.
    – Leif

  10. Robin Monks says:

    Whoops, forgot a condition on the domains, you have to register for a writing position at the job openings forum and be accepted first. I guess I should have read more of the terms myself 😉

  11. Robin Monks says:

    “have the chance to win a free domain”

    It’s neither a chance, nor a draw. If you write 2,500 words or more for MarkUp in issue 9 and 10, you *will* get a free domain name, no luck about it 🙂

    Also, just a few of the names we’ve partnered with to have our authors do book reviews:
    Prentice Hall
    Que Publishing
    Sams Publishing
    Peachpit Press

    If you’ve written at least 2 articles before for MarkUp, have shown yourself to be a good writer, and would be interested in reviewing books, email me & Eyas at staff AT gmking DOT org. Both the books and the shipping is free.


  12. Eyas Sharaiha says:

    Gamez, they work for me.. it might be cause you’re unregistered.. no?

    Just to clarify about the book, its a plus since you get a free book (woo hoo), but you have to A- Read it, and B- Review it within 2 months or so. Still, when someone’s interested in game development, reading them is not much of a ‘punishment’ 😛

  13. gamez93 says:

    Wow thats a good idea, write articles for MarkUp and have the chance to win a free domain – i checked out your link to the free domain info, to see the terms, and the link is broken

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