Why I Should Become A Mod

on December 29, 2007 - 5726 Views

Someone has been at the GMC for just over a year and it seems to have gone to their head.

And to think it all began with a “few hundred emails from random supporters”. Looks like someone else has too much time on their hands. I love the “quotes” though.

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17 Responses to Why I Should Become A Mod

  1. tuntis says:


    Coming from a person who takes constructive criticism as an attempt to flame him down, and then childishly blowing up shouting random flames at everybody. GG!

  2. the gmb is immature, always flaming pppl.

  3. Shadeplay23 says:

    “It’s hard to describe to simple folks like you, but deep down inside I know im so awesome”

    We are not “simple folks.” We moderate at many more forums than you do. Some (Like me) moderate & administrate at partially large forums. (Considering the size of some others) Plus, why should the moderating & administrating team give you a position just because you think you’re awesome. Life doesn’t work that way. Grow up.

    Really, have some common sense. Should the moderating hire someone who thinks they know what moderating is, when they only know a fraction of what moderating the GMC is? The GMC gets hundreds of new posts each day, and you have to moderate those if you’re a moderator. I, and many other people have talked to the moderators. They say they’re swamped with work to do.

    “I know One day I’ll get my wings of power and be taken to the magic moderator tower (where the moderators shower).”
    No you won’t. When you asked, you forever ruined your chance.

    Look, you’re not meant to be a moderator. Anyone could moderate a forum and say they are good and awesome. Even if it had 3 members. You can only say you’re good enough for moderating the GMC if you’ve actually done it yourself.

  4. Shadeplay23 says:

    No, we only flame you, Nate.

  5. Ben says:

    Ha ha I always love the moderators replies.

  6. jinxtengu says:

    The reason (or FACT as I would like to call it), that I should be made master moderator Is not based on the fact that Iv’e been a member of the game maker community for over a year (well over a year I should add). The reason I should be made mod-chief-cop-judge-jury and executioner (A kind sort of executioner obviously), is because I’m simply Awesome.
    It’s hard to describe to simple folks like you, but deep down inside I know im so awesome, I can feel it in me (even in my pee pee), it sort of emanates out of my being like a divine radiance. Im sure if scientists could become a tad smarter they might create some sort of invention as a means to measure this power, or indeed harness it for the good of all mankind.

    I know One day I’ll get my wings of power and be taken to the magic moderator tower (where the moderators shower).

  7. Rusky says:

    That could have been a joke. But considering what kind of trash the population of the GMC is composed of, probably not. It was funny anyway though. πŸ™‚

  8. Leif902 says:

    Akk, you’ve got me beat, I’m only 2000 and something!

  9. Leif902 says:

    Hey, if he’s been there for over a year does that mean I should be come a mod! I’ve been there since GM 4.3, hey everyone, vote for me, because Yourself was once a single celled organism!
    … I hate those kinds of posts …

  10. Grego says:

    KCLC’s ‘comment’ struck me as if she was purposefully being ironic… =P

  11. Shadeplay23 says:

    I just wanted to quote him: “And so, you see, I’m simply the best.” πŸ˜€

  12. Shadeplay23 says:

    I’m 80750. πŸ™‚

  13. tuntis says:

    Screw him, I’m #707!

    What a moron.

  14. Faltzer says:

    Let’s get the ban hammer on him.

  15. Robin Monks says:

    “I was there moderating my heart out when most gmc moderators were still single celled organisms crawling around in the primeval sludge, eating feces.”

    Prints and frames

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