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GameMaker on the iPhone

Sandy Duncan has mentioned on his blog the possibility of making Game Maker games compatible with the iHavemoremoneythansense iPhone.

Apple’s recent release of an SDK for the iPhone has apparently provided YoYo Games with “lots of motivation to get on with having the runner ported to C++” which would be the first step required to get GameMaker games running on the overpriced mobile device.

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8 Responses to iGameMaker

  1. […] number of application downloads to date soon to hit 1,000,000,000.  Previously Sandy has said² that the release of an SDK for the iPhone provided YoYo Games with “lots of motivation to get […]

  2. tuntis says:

    Like real phones?

  3. A Quiet Day on YoYo « the AKHLog V3 says:

    […] both GMB and GMNews, there has been talk about YoYo Games’ plan to make GM Games compatible with the iPhone, although GMNews seem to care more about how we’re horrible people who are destroying the […]

  4. Rusky says:

    why on earth are they caring about the iPhone right now?

  5. Shadeplay23 says:

    Wow, this is a pretty stupid move…Why not make GM compatible with something else that could be fun playing with?

  6. Faltzer says:

    iPhones ORLY?

  7. Faltzer says:

    lolno, iPhones > My Wallet.

  8. Bob says:

    Crimelife 2 is not a fun game.

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