This Game Is Art :: Results

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This Game Is Art

This Game Is Art

This contest ran from May 26 to June 26, 2008. Entrants were to create a game that was art, with no definition of art provided.

Our judges each chose five favourites in order of preference, and then we did the math.

Many of the entries that didn’t place in the top spots are still definitely worth trying out. You can find download links and discussions for the entries in this forum.

  • 1. Virtual Silence by Virtanen (Download – about 2.9MB)
  • 2. Life Is a Race by Cactus (Download – about 1.4MB)
  • 2. Super Mega Awesome Dude by Legendary (Download – about 6.0MB)
  • 3. Pilisszentkereszt by Glutinous

View all the entrants who made it onto the list here. (A total of 19)
View other entrants, who didn’t get a spot on the list here.

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3 Responses to This Game Is Art :: Results

  1. gamez93 says:

    Updated with your advice.

  2. NAL says:

    I was pretty chuffed to get joint sixth, since my entry took so little time to make. Next time, if the contest appeals to me, I’ll put in more effort.

  3. Blijbol says:

    It would be worth mentioning that SuperMega Awesome Dude is not on the third place, but on a shared second place.

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