Revenue sharing for Game Maker games

on May 10, 2009 - 3604 Views

Game Jolt LogoIndie gaming website GameJolt (website | GMB review) has launched a beta version of their ad revenue sharing scheme.  The website, which also hosts games written in languages other than Game Maker, will pay developers a percentage of the advertising income derived from any pages relating to a particular developer.

For developers that sign up in the beta period the proportion of revenue shared with the developer is set at 50%.  Developers are also free to include their own advertisements within their games for a potential financial extra gain or cross-product promotion.

YoYo Games are yet to release any details on any their proposed revenue-sharing scheme first hinted at by Sandy in February 2008 (see links below) but there have been various failed community-instigated attempts.


See also: YoYo Games to start selling Game Maker games by end of 2009, Sandy: We’re looking at including adverts in your games, Immortal Defense earns $7,500 and “Going Commercial“.

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3 Responses to Revenue sharing for Game Maker games

  1. […] There are three sets of prizes each consisting of a free game from Steam, front page game placement and inclusion in the beta of GameJolt’s ad-revenue sharing scheme. […]

  2. msr says:

    Hey Cool. Even another reason for me to use their site.

  3. Mattthew_H says:

    Funny how when others try this, they get critisized….
    Although, I supose these people would know what there doing more then RadAD ever did.

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